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His mother and father were locked in a bitter divorce battle, and each was demanding total loyalty and commitment from the child. Vicious belittling: "You'll never be the success your brother was." Deliberate humiliation: "You're so stupid.

I'm ashamed you're my son." It also can be passive, the emotional equivalent of child neglect—a sin of omission, true, but one no less destructive.

What follows is a recent podcast discussing the unexpected popularity of Sarah’s essay, as well as her newest military wife confessions. Although we have some say over where we live, we don’t have too much.

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Emotional abuse is both the most pervasive and the least understood form of child maltreatment.And it may be a combination of the two, which increases the negative effects geometrically.Emotional abuse can be verbal or behavioral, active or passive, frequent or occasional.A parent's love is so important to a child that withholding it can cause a "failure to thrive" condition similar to that of children who have been denied adequate nutrition.Even the natural solace of siblings is denied to those victims of emotional abuse who have been designated as the family's "target child." The other children are quick to imitate their parents.

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